Here we go....
It's a new year...and a new idea..always around the corner for me....
I love to write.  And I love connecting with people.  Especially my beloved clients.  As I get to know my clients I realize that so many of them have amazing storied that continue to inspire me.

And I think they would inspire you too.

As for me... there are things that I have been through in my life that I know might touch someone and that would make my day.

It's what I'm all about.

So from now on... I am only going to take on clients with whom I feel a real connection.  I believe that it will show in my work... and ultimately that is what we all want.

I am going to ask more about YOU.  And if you feel comfortable telling me....what makes you YOU... I will be able to capture that essence on your wedding day.

And ... if you are SUPER brave... maybe you'll let me blog about it here.

SO here's what's coming.  Lovestories.  LIFEstories AND....

ALL part of our new direction for 2010.

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