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Monday, December 14, 2009

Real Wedding: Travis & Heather

Oh Monday. Thank goodness we're starting off the week with a stunning real wedding by an uber talented North Carolina photographer!

It's one thing for a photographer to be incredibly amazing at what he/she does. But it's another thing to be an absolute sweetheart of a person ON TOP of it all. This is what you get when you hire Jeremie Barlow. You get incredible quality, an artistic flair AND she's just about the nicest human being to boot! The proof of her artistry is in the pudding. I present to thee: the pudding.

Travis and Heather got married in Charlotte, North Carolina and Jeremie's photos of her strolls through a local estate are almost mesmerizing.

There is something so old Hollywood about the above shots!

I imagine some mother behind the scene whispering "Go! Gooooo!" to this adorable flower girl.

This last set of photos are truly gasp-worthy. It's no wonder why Jeremie was chosen as part of a handful of photographers on the Grace Ormonde Platinum list of vendors (I feel like some kind of trumpet should sound whenever I say or type Grace Ormonde). So yeah, Jeremie...she's the real deal!

Vendor List:

Ceremony: Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens
Reception: Hilton Center City
Photography: Jeremie Barlow Photography
Videography: Matt Francis - Dreamlight Films
Bridal Shoot Location: Van Landingham Estates
Flowers: Party Blooms


Fine Art Artist Signed Prints? Want some?

Know what I would have loved as a bride?  To have some fine art prints included in my wedding photography package! So guess what.... I'm gonna do it! 
Email me to find out more about your options.  info@jeremiebarlow.com


We've been featured!

Morning all! 
I'm so excited since one of my favorite blogs decided to feature Heather and Travis' lovely wedding at the Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens here in Charlotte.  It's always fun to see what another artistic soul can do with your own artwork and Chantale is super talented.  Her blog is full of ideas for brides and super artsy and original.  I am just so thrilled to be a part of it!! Check it out here.. La Belle Bride.

Heather and Travis are soon to be featured as a full page AD in Carolina Bride Magazine as well!  I'll unveil the finished ad for DSBG as soon as the magazine hits newsstands.  Again, such a great honor to have my images chosen.

Heather and Travis are truly in love and to me that is always the most important thing... above the magazines and the ads, it's capturing that love and those little moments in an artful manner.  Hopefully that is coming through in my images!  Love to all~ J


Bridal shoot at Van Landingham.. had to add more!

I just had to post these pics of my gorgeous bride Heather.
She has a really hard time taking a bad picture... UGH as someone who has a hard time taking a good picture I am so jealous!  But luckily it's easy to like her since she is so giggly!
I love these umbrella photos.  Bridal shoots are always fun and girly...love them!!

Thanks to the Van Landingham Estate for lending us their beautiful grounds for the day!


A little bit about me

I am a lucky girl.

I get to do what I love.

I love creating beautiful images that capture real meaning for people.

I am moved by a mother's reaction when she sees her child's portrait and cries because it captures his essence.

I love watching brides get quiet... and tearful when they first view their images of their bridal shoots.

Know what I love even more?  New husbands who cry when they see their wedding captured forever in an album.   They are just cute.

Engagement shoots, full of anticipation and all of the excitement of that amazing time of life ... so in love.

Newborn portraits with tired parents and perfect, tiny little subjects posing for their close-ups.

Exotic destination weddings, so intimate even though they take place a world away.  REALLY love those!

And capturing that one moment ...
that nobody expected to see in a picture.
Dad tearing up at the wedding
the newborn yawning before falling off to sleep
a family hug before wrapping up the session
...those are the VERY best moments of all.

Like my logo says... Life is really, really beautiful... and I am the lucky girl...who gets to capture it.

I really love my job.    I feel like it allows me to see the good in humanity constantly.  It lets me see the love between families and newlyweds and grandparents....and capture it forever.
What could be better than that!
I have some life experience to offer.  I am a wife, a mommy, a good friend.  I have 1/2 of a doctoral dissertation writen in psychology.  That helps when things heat up!  I like to be as professional as possible to take a little bit of the burden off of the bride and groom.   I also like to have fun if you are up for it.  Laughter makes everything better!
I run a very intimate studio.  I create very personal images.  Each couple is different and inspires me differently.
I would love the opportunity to talk to you personally about your plans and create a custom package that fits your needs.

Always With Love,



great idea....

ok..... how cute are these?
Where was all this stuff when I was getting married?  That's what I want to know!! 
These are from a company called Ella Elise Stationery run by some dear friends.  They create custom wedding invitations and much more.  Check them out... you'll love their fresh, modern designs.  
I think everyone needs a personal monogram... just to have... don't you? ;)
Keep your eyes peeled... I am going to post mine when I make them design one for me just for fun!! 

Alexandria Virginia...wedding photography on the road

We just adore these two lovebirds!  We traveled to Alexandria Virginia to shoot their wedding and as usual were super honored to be involved in their big day.    I say it all the time... but it really is true.  Each couple is so unique and getting to know each of them makes me really thankful to be a part of things.
These two call each other "beloved"...could you die?

Thanks Alison and Eric!!  We love you guys!!


Sneak peek at our recent Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens Wedding in Charlotte NC


Trash the Dress in Charlotte NC

Our super fun couple Alison and Eric drove all the way from Alexandria VA to do a Trash the Dress Session here in Charlotte. Really... Alison wanted to play with my boys and my Newfoundland Puppy! Thankfully they got some great shots out of it mostly because they are brave souls!


Congrats Jackie and Harry!

Jackie and Harry are two of the best people we have ever worked with.  They were so super gracious throughout the entire process and made out job a total joy!  We wish them nothing but love and happiness in their marriage!!  Here are some pics from their absolutely perfect wedding day at the Dairy Barn in Fort Mill, SC.  The Dairy Barn is one of the most charming places to tie the knot in the Charlotte area if you want our opinion!!
The music was beautiful as well ...provided by Crown String Quartet.

Bridal Shoot at the Van Landingham Estate

I'm catching up with my blogging after a busy fall wedding season but I want to give each experience the attention it deserves.  And one of those really fun experiences was a recent bridal shoot at the Van Landingham Estate with one of my brides, Heather and her mom and sister.  Now they are REALLY fun so we shot for a long time mostly because we could not stop giggling the whole time.  Heather is a model by profession so she knows what she is doing in front of the camera... and it is hard for her to take a bad picture... EXCEPT when both she and the photographer are cracking up!  Luckily we got so many great shots that her mom was overwhelmed by the 400 I posted from her to choose from :0)  Sorry Ronda!  

Check out a mini-album of our shoot on my facebook page here.

Here is a sample of some of my favorites from the day.  Thanks for being such a blast to work with Heather and Brittany and Ronda!  Here are some of my favorite shots from the day...

So proud to announce that we have won the Pictage award.  The competition was amazing and the other photographers are truly unbelievable artists in their own right.  Here is what the world famous and super awesome David Beckstead had to say about one of our favorite photos:

“Admired By Beckstead” — Image Contest Winner

Fri, Apr 3, 2009

Thank you so much to everyone for participating in the launch of ”Admired by Beckstead” — our twice-monthly David Beckstead image contest!  

(drum-roll inserted here)…We’re thrilled to announce this week’s FIRST PLACE winner: Jeremie Barlow of Charlotte, NC.  Congratulations Jeremie!


Here’s David’s commentary on Jeremie’s winning image:

“When I first came upon this scene I felt like I was watching from the trees. I was witnessing something beautiful that I shouldn’t have. Yet then I just wanted to walk up and put my head up and feel the same feeling as her: absorbing the light and being there in that wonderful location. I became connected to the photo.

“The composition is subtle: She is center/subject composition with supportive lines and more than that, supportive light on both sides of her.  There is a leading line at the bottom of the path that quickly connects to her dress which guides your eye to her flowers. The flowers flow to her arm, hair and then finally to her face. All of this composition leads to her face and then, creates the whole story: the story you will interpret for yourselves.

“She is separated perfectly from the chaotic background-nature by light and the artist’s vision in tone conversion and Photoshop work. The bride is framed well with natural lines and the darker edges. I love the feeling of depth in this image!”

We strive to bring this quality of work to all of our weddings.  And a footnote….Jeremie has never entered a photo in a contest before!  This is her first entry! 

As we continue to search for ways to align our business with the most environmentally friendly practices possible, we are always happy when little ‘green’ presents fall into our lap.

We use the amazing, super fabulous Couture Book line of albums because there is simply nothing else like them on the market.  They are beautiful, unique and best of all, there is a ton of variety from Japanese Silk to Italian Suede to Soho Chic, for every couple to choose from.

As it turns out, Couture book has just announced the launch of a line of green wedding albums!  How amazing is that?  You can now have a beautiful album without harming the environment.  Here’s a snippet from their blog:

Our much anticipated line of books feature:

100% Post-Consumer recycled paper,
Environmentally sensitive cover materials like hemp, recycled kraft paper, and lotka paper
Green E-Certified Windpower and Carbon-Neutral,
5% of the proceeds going to replanting and reforesting and purchasing offsetting carbon credits.

Be a Part. Make a Difference. You can feel good when you purchase a book from our Earth Collection that you are making a difference for our planet.

Producing 1000 Earth Collection books will generate environmental benefits equivalent to:

Not driving 7070 miles in an average automobile

12562 lbs. net greenhouse gases prevented

96,152,000 BTUs of energy not consumed

6830 lbs. of solid waste not generated

135.74 trees preserved for the future

57,661 gallons of wastewater flow saved

391.97 lbs. of waterborne waste not generated

*Source: Mohawk Environmental Calculator available at www.Mohawkpaper.com. Conversions are provided by the EDF (Environmental Defense Fund) and/or the U.S. EPA.

Yeah- they pretty much rock.

Kudos to them for being leaders in the industry and keeping it cute while saving the earth!

With Love!



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