Engagement Season

I love this time of year.  
It's spring.... Brides email me with their beautiful photos of their wedding dresses.... 

So excited because their wedding day is only 3 or 5 or 7 months away.... 

And Engagement Sessions are one way that I get to know each of my couples so that each of those emails actually means something to me... not just on a business level ... but on a personal level as well.

I don't do this job to churn out batches of the saaaame old photos time after time at 50 weddings each year.... if that's what you are looking for ... I'm probably not your photographer.

I do it because I like to try to see the beauty in each couple... and see whatever it is that they have that makes them unique.

Ya'll have something.  I've seen enough of you to be able to spot it in each of you!  

It's different in all of you  but it's always there.  

It fascinates me because it's important.

It's what keeps families together.  And to me... that's something that I like to make into art.  That's pretty beautiful.  

Capturing love.  

Here are some pics from a recent session... Lauren and Brandon... so in love!!  Absolutely adorable!! 
They can barely talk about each other without sighing.... 

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