{For Brides} the power of details

Being in the wedding industry, as well as having planned my own wedding, I understand how overwhelming the entire process can be.
I was a doctoral student when I was drowning in a sea of torn magazine pages and a mind full of cute ideas for centerpieces.
I never dreamed of my wedding day as a child.  I rode bikes.  I was not that little girl.  But boy did I ever CATCH wedding fever.  Thank you Martha Stewart Weddings.....
What appealed to me... and still does... was adding a personal touch to my wedding.
I got married ten years ago.  BLOGS did not exist!
I can't imagine how overloaded you all are today when trying to weed through all of the information and the (truly talent-filled and inspiring) ideas out there.
It's almost deflating for some people.

Here is my first piece of advice.... HIRE a planner.  
I promise you if you can afford one it is always a wise purchase.  You may end up saving money.  I wish I had photos of some of my BRILLIANT ideas for favors or bridesmaid gifts that ended up as trainwrecks! Money down the tubes.
They KNOW the industry... can tell you who to call... and save you loads of time and stress and ultimately money.  

I KNOW that many brides expect their photos to look like photos they see on blogs and in magazines.  The thing is... the majority of those are meticulously executed by some very talented planners.  I have had some super stylish brides plan and design their own weddings... and create amazing events.  One of them was featured this week on Weddings Unveiled Blog.

If you can't afford a planner..and/or you choose not to work with one, make sure that if you want to achieve the same look with your own wedding, you pay attention to detail.
I am not a strong proponent of the inauthentic.  I don't really love shoots that have nothing to do with the bride and groom and are staged.... what will you DO with those photos?? They are trend... pure and simple... 
There are beautiful photographs to be taken that really capture the essence of YOU and freeze this era in your lives.. capture it beautifully as art... equally as pretty and romantic as the staged shoots... and there is good wedding design... equally as 'cute and charming and whimsical"  but to achieve it is much more difficult.

The key is finding things you love and sticking close to your heart.  
Make your details personal.  Classic. But ADD THEM!  

{My own rule is always ALWAAAAAAYS copy Martha.  Can't go wrong :)}

Check out Roshenna & Shawn's wedding on my website for more ideas on planning a personal wedding.  They renewed their vows and PACKED their wedding with details.  They gave guests a personalized booklet upon entering a gazebo lit with japanese lanterns...
The booklet contained pages filled with things such as his and hers "things learned from 10 years of marriage"  
things like 10 dollars can last a week.
Really showing guests that this couple had been through an evolution together.  

The children were part of the ceremony.
They worked with Charlotte Event Style to manage all of their boatload of details but some of the details can be incorporated on your own.

Most of all... don't be afraid to let your self come through.  Don't be intimidated by all the beautiful creations you see on the blogs.  They ARE beautiful but so is your authentic experience.
Show it!!
Found this ringbearer nest on Etsy for 16 bucks!  I am a woodsy nature loving girl so I love anything covered in moss!
xo Jeremie


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