Bridal Shoot at the Van Landingham Estate

I'm catching up with my blogging after a busy fall wedding season but I want to give each experience the attention it deserves.  And one of those really fun experiences was a recent bridal shoot at the Van Landingham Estate with one of my brides, Heather and her mom and sister.  Now they are REALLY fun so we shot for a long time mostly because we could not stop giggling the whole time.  Heather is a model by profession so she knows what she is doing in front of the camera... and it is hard for her to take a bad picture... EXCEPT when both she and the photographer are cracking up!  Luckily we got so many great shots that her mom was overwhelmed by the 400 I posted from her to choose from :0)  Sorry Ronda!  

Check out a mini-album of our shoot on my facebook page here.

Here is a sample of some of my favorites from the day.  Thanks for being such a blast to work with Heather and Brittany and Ronda!  Here are some of my favorite shots from the day...

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