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I love this blog... not only because I love the blogger herself- she's adorable... but she has a really great eye... and I love seeing the ideas she comes up with and the other people she features!  She also blogs for Style Me Pretty :)


South Carolina Farm Wedding

I love farms. My cousin lives in a rural part of Ontario and I really love heading out of the city and relaxing up at her place. The serene vibe from today's sweet South Carolina farm wedding reminded me of kicking my feet up and sucking in some fresh country air. It also reminded me what a kick-a photographer Jeremie Barlow happens to be. Jeremie and me have become what I like to call 'cyber BFFs'. I fell in love with her artistic style of wedding photography and then was charmed by her sweet personality. As you can see her photos are top notch. They're a bit of a dream, aren't they?

Jackie and Harry, today's bride and groom, definitely seem like two down to earth, endearing people. Love the mason jars and wild assortment of flowers.

I'm hoping these photos will help you through the blahs of the mid-week...they did for me!

Photography by Jeremie Barlow
Venue: The Dairy Barn, South Carolina

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