Why not hire the cheap photographer?

I just dug through my shed and found my great grandmother's bridal portraits.  For REAL.  And you know what?  They mean something to ME.

So your wedding photography... if you are a person who values art... and who values visual imagery... and who thrives on viewing your memories in visual form....

Can you really put a price on that?

Are you willing to risk having a mediocre or run of the mill photographer capture your engagement session?  Your moments with your mom before you walk down the aisle?

If so then that is great.  I have no issue with you.  You just aren't my client.  But I value your priorities even though they are different from my own... cause that's how I roll :)

If you ARE my client then you are willing to spend more to commission a photographer to capture your wedding day.

Frankly... I am a mommy and a wife.. and I am past that point in my own life where I am willing to undervalue myself.

I simply can't afford to show up at your wedding for below a certain pricepoint... as much as I wish I could do them all for free....

Because trust me... my love for my clients... for the moments within the wedding day... for photography as an art.... that stuff would get me there for free...

But what I do... what so many of us do... it has tremendous value...

You might not see it until after it's all done... when you cry looking at your photos.

And my worst fear is that you choose the cheap photographer and then DONT cry.

You should CRY!

My images are meant to evoke emotion... they are all about love and capturing feelings.  They have meaning... not just cutesy styling... they have real meaning.

And I hope my clients feel that.  I think they do...

And THAT is what you are paying for.

The photo that you look at and feel a swell of emotion...
20 years later...

The photo that you look at as art and realize HEY!  That's me in that photo!  I look HOT!  :)
(Oh you better believe I'l make you look hot!)


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