Compliments that really mean something to you....

I'm the kind of person who appreciates nice feedback.  I don't really care if you are rich and famous... it doesn't matter to me.  If you see something in my work and let me know... I really appreciate it...

Sometimes... there are people who you really with all your heart look up to.

For me... Celia Tejada is one of those people.  From a design perspective... she is the top of the heap to me... My friends will know this already.  Celia is the creative powerhouse behind.... POTTERY BARN.. yeah...

Now... those of you who know me know... there are not many things that make me happier in life than Pottery Barn.  And sure... everyone loves Pottery Barn... so what is it that makes ME love it so much?  It's their unending creativity.  You simply never look at a new catalog without them KILLING it again and again... using a found object as wall art..... or a bird cage as a lamp... sure everyone does it NOW... but they did it FIRST.

Know why?   CELIA.  SHE is the one who's style you see in the pages...

Maybe 15 years ago I saw an article in House Beautiful Magazine that featured her home.  I was floooooooored.  I think Brian and I were still dating!  I was dreaming of what I'd love in a home.

Her style was so... elegant... but wild... totally unafraid.... THAT is my favorite part about her.

Those of you who know me won't find that hard to believe either!  (Remember my chocolate brown kitchen?)

She'll hang a bucket from a rope over a clawfoot tub and fill it with sea sponges and soaps and you have never seen anything so beautiful.

She is not afraid to express herself through her interior design.... I ADORE that about her.

I feel like a home should reflect your personality.... I actually designed my house  from the ground up!

It was super fun.  Now I'm working on the inside... when it's finished I'll post pics here.... so you can see more of my own style... SOOO influenced by my all time- super- top- favorite designer in the universe...

OH... and here's my point.  I emailed her to say thanks for inspiring me...
And she emailed back... no really!  The head designer at Pottery Barn!
Here's what she said!

"Jeremie, i took a look at your website ,you are very talented ,a great eye! .......
Keep in touch,
I think I need to go take a moment... this is better to me than a rockstar or the President.... or both.. :)


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