What 'Engagement Sessions' are about to me...

I just got this note from a bride after she saw her engagement photos......

Jeremie! Okay, so I was a little nervous about how our engagment pictures were going to turn out because I am so awkward in front of a camera and all that jazz but oh, my goodness! The pictures are seriously absolutely WONDERFUL! Thank you so much! I knew you were an amazing artist/photographer before, and now I know it so many times more after seeing our pictures! You are seriously awesome!

a)   this kind of response makes my day.  I want nothing more than for you to have an emotional reaction to your photos.... 

b) it struck me how nervous she was because this girlie is a knockout!! 

So I wanted to write a little bit about how I view my sessions.

I enjoy doing "inspired sessions".  I think they are super fun and adorable.... and so if that is what you are looking for... let's go for it...
If you have a special hobby together and love to golf.... or love picnics... I will break out a bright red picnic basket so fast it'll make your head spin!

BUT... what I am not super into is photos that are 'trendy' or 'themed' but have zero to do with YOU as a couple!

If that means me sacrificing my 'blog time' on Style Me Pretty..... so be it!

I would rather deliver intimate, meaningful photos that will take your breath away 25 years down the road... and take you right back to the way you feel today.

That is my entire goal... not just to take cute photos... but to help give your marriage a strong foundation... in my own tiny way... visually... 

I think most of us in this industry believe in love and believe that what we are doing helps to form a stronger bond between a couple.

Sure- sometimes things in the wedding industry get out of hand or over the top... but I guarantee... if you sat any wedding professional down and had a real heart to heart to them... they would tell you their reason for doing this is.. deep down... that they are moved every time they see their work add to a bride and groom's joy.

And if that is not true- nobody tell me otherwise because that is what I choose to believe! :)

Brides and grooms- and families for that matter... what I want to give you is what YOU dream of. 

That is what is important to me...

I am a doctoral candidate from Syracuse University in psychology... so I take time to read each couple (no... not too deeply.... ) just enough to try to see who they are so that I can capture some of that relationship between them... whatever it is that makes them THEM.

I don't care if their clothes aren't the trendiest or they haven't lost the last 5 pounds!!! I haven't either!  

WHat I care about and what makes me so happy- is seeing the LOVE that you bring time and time again.

I am still waiting to see that couple who just should not be together... or who is in it for the wrong reason.... etc... have yet to meet them!

My couples are typically romantics and super in love! 
So sure... bring your white shirt.. you know me!  But other than that... show up with your love and your photos will turn out great! 

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