A portrait of an all around cool guy.

So my personal brand of therapy?  Dancing.  Like a fool.  At the Y in various classes :)  
I grew up doing gymnastics but never dancing so this is something new for me.  And it is so so fun you just can NOT leave these classes stressed out!
One of my favorite instructors by far is Andre Hairston.  He's got an enormous following who literally packs into a gym on Sunday afternoons 400 strong.  
He is taking his class on the road now to teach kids about fitness.  If you read the mission behind his work it's really inspiring.
He has a website at www.andrehairston.com.  The pictures there are shot by me!
Below is a link to a video of Andre teaching a group of kids and you can see how infectious his spirit really is.  He's equally as inspiring to a group of adults... we have almost the same reaction in our class as these adorable kids!!
I dare you not to smile when you watch!

The cool thing about Andre is that he's also an actor auditioning for HUGE movie roles all the time... but you'd never know it.  He's super humble and keeps that stuff to himself (until his mouthy photographer brags about him! ) 

He's about to blow UP big time and is extremely talented- producing plays, acting, directing... watch for him!!
Here are some of the photos from our recent session....


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