Hayden Olivia Bridal Portraits.... Sneak Peek

Recently I had the pleasure of shooting one of my gorgeous bride's portraits at 
Hayden Olivia Bridal Boutique in Charlotte, NC. 
Let me say that when you walk into Hayden Olivia it is like walking into a 
vintage-french-luxury-loft-like space.   It's girl heaven.    It is truly an entire experience.  
 I am a person who believes in jumping into things full force with both feet.  
And so I am all about places like this where they not only house dresses but create an
environment that embodies bridal fashion.    
Ladies... know the difference between going to Great Clips and a really uber chic 
spa for the day?  That's what I'm talking about here.
Heather and her staff are warm and welcoming and make it a fun experience.    
And the dresses...  oh my... ten years ago the dresses were just not this AWESOME. 
 If I was still able to fit a sample size they'd have to kick me out!
Obviously as a visual person I am one for aesthetics but also for really genuinely 
NICE people.  And you will find both here :)  

Lauren's father has been a wedding photographer for 20 years... and her mother still had this
reaction upon seeing her dress!
This is all I can show you now since we can't show Lauren's groom her dress!
More to come after her upcoming wedding!!
You will see how STUNNING she looks with one of these on!!! 

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